groups on relationships and dating

Groups can be a really powerful way to share experiences and information. Dating and finding a relationship can often be isolating, unknown and frustrating. It is hard to navigate what will work best for us in terms of websites, apps, meet up groups or matchmakers, let alone how we may behave on dates ourselves. A group offers a supportive way to discuss what is working for us and to share with others to empower us to make more useful choices for ourselves. With the ultimate objective of forming and being in a relationship.

Group on relationships and dating 

February 2018
8 spaces available
Saturday 10am – 1pm
4 Wednesday evenings  6.30-8.30pm

Cost: £270

The group will include sharing with others, looking at what we know has worked, current online and offline dating options, working on our profiles. defining and assessing what and who we are looking for in a partner
The outcome and benefits:
• Looking at our dating history as a way of forming what we want going forward
• Supportive feedback of our dating profiles/sites we use and matchmaking
• Sharing our successes and challenges
• Support and discussion about ongoing dating