Anxiety and Fear – how you can work with them in therapy

We often talk about Anxiety and Fear in our day to day life and most of us have an experience of what these emotions feel like. Sometimes our fear and anxiety can prevent us from living the life we would like as we become stuck and frozen or avoid situations where we may feel this way.

Here is a quote from the barnsbury therapy rooms on Anxiety, which may help you identify areas in which you might want to focus your own work and with which I can help…

You may identify with one or more of the following scenarios:

  • You dread the thought of up and coming events, social or work related
  • You fear opening your inbox, answering the phone or opening mail
  • You find it hard to sleep or wake up frequently worrying about things

Symptoms of Anxiety range from mild feelings of worry and dread to phobias and panic attacks. Many forms of anxiety are accompanied by distressing physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath and insomnia. Therapy for Anxiety can help.

Anxiety is often caused by living in the future or the past without being in the present.

Anxiety can have a very limiting effect as we may try to avoid situations which provoke a panic attack or allow anxiety to restrict our choices. During sessions, we can explore the causes and work to develop strategies for managing anxiety through paying attention to your thoughts and physical responses within a safe space and at your pace. ┬áTherapy can help to reduce anxiety significantly and open up different ways of responding to life’s uncertainties.



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